Outdoor flooring and pavements

Natural stone

Granite tiles

Baldosas de Granito

It is an igneous rock of great beauty and exclusivity , the basic composition of granite is quartz, Feldspar and mica, that give it a very high hardness in the Mohs scale and high resistance to abrasion, It is fully recyclable, ecological and easy maintenance.

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Marble tile

Baldosas de Mármol

Stone of great warmth with a wide range of materials according to the chromaticism that nature offers.

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Slate tiles

Baldosas de Pizarra

It is a matamórfica rock composed of clay or volcanic ash with minimum absorption coefficient which gives this natural stone optimal degree of impermeability for use on roofs and decks

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Tile Neolith

Baldosas de Neolith

Neolith: Largest market sintered compact surface with different thicknesses. Neolith is the result of natural raw materials carefully SELECTED, these are transformed by a sintering process over (1200º) obtaining a product of very high physio-mechanical properties suitable for multiple applications, is 100% natural and therefore subject to slight color variations.

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