Bathroom Countertops


Worktops Neolith

Encimeras de Neolith

Neolith: Largest market sintered compact surface with different thicknesses. Neolith is the result of natural raw materials carefully SELECTED, these are transformed by a sintering process over (1200º) obtaining a product of very high physio-mechanical properties suitable for multiple applications, is 100% natural and therefore subject to slight color variations.

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Countertops Dekton

Encimeras de Dekton

It is a sophisticated blend of raw materials porcelain and glass used last generation and quartz surfaces.

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Natural stone

Granite countertops

Encimeras de Granito

It is an igneous rock of great beauty and exclusivity , the basic composition of granite is quartz, Feldspar and mica, that give it a very high hardness in the Mohs scale and high resistance to abrasion, It is fully recyclable, ecological and easy maintenance.

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Countertops Naturamia

Encimeras de Naturamia

Stones formed in a slow and steady process acquiring its hardness and resistance in the most amazing granite colors. Naturamia granite countertop is the most exclusive

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Marble countertops

Encimeras de Mármol

Stone of great warmth with a wide range of materials according to the chromaticism that nature offers.

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Slate countertops

Encimeras de Pizarra

It is a matamórfica rock composed of clay or volcanic ash with minimum absorption coefficient which gives this natural stone optimal degree of impermeability for use on roofs and decks

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Silestone countertops

Encimeras de Silestone

It comprises a 94% natural quartz and it is the first and only quartz worktop with bateriostática protection, the high resistance outperforms similar products, this resistance to its composition is achieved in quartz(hardness) and polyester resin(elasticity) and the vibrocompression system used in its manufacture. Silestone has 10 Year Warranty.

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Solid Surfaces

Corian countertops

Encimeras de Corian

Solid surfaces that can be recorded, dyed and molded; these surfaces can be what you imagine to be, Wavy, almost seamless, organic form with strong color effects and translucent shades.

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Dalian countertops

Encimeras de Dalian

It is composed of natural minerals(aluminum hydroxide 58%)PMMA(Polymethylmethacrylate 38%) Y 4% pigment. These surfaces can be heat formed handlers providing unlimited imagination.

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Countertops Krion

Encimeras de Krion

It is a solid surface, warm and similar to natural stone touch. It consists of two thirds of natural minerals (ATH Alumina Trihydrate) and a low percentage of high-strength resins and gives clear Krion of exclusive properties: lack of pores, antibacterial without any additive, hardness, resistance, durabiidad, ease of repair.

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